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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Albert Einstein said:
                             "Try not to become a man of success but rather try to become a man of value".

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Recognize yourself

Almost all the philosophers have come in west and all prophets (at least known ones) have came in east........


              The western civilization is national and that of eastern is mystical.

We should have proud of our lifestyle, civilization and history but its our bad luck that we are adopting the western civilization ...

Wake up and recognize yourself because changes in individuals brings changes in nations

Monday, July 5, 2010

Relationship b/w speed and time

The faster you go through space the slower you go through time - and hence the slower you go through space the faster you go through time.

In Brian Green's book 'The elegant universe' he explains it that you always travel at c, but on an 'angle' through spacetime so that your velocity is broken up between space and time - a photon travels only through space and not time, the slower you go through space the faster you move through time..

It is assumed that the speed at which electromagnetic energy (which is light) will always travel the same speed relative to the observer. This means that he who travels fast will always get the same results when measuring the speed of light (which can be done with a lazer).

Now obviously in order for light to remain the same speed (distance/time) when an observer increases his speed in reference to a rest point like earth, the observer who is moving will have to have his time slow down as he speeds up to keep light traveling at the same distance/time as he sees it. See if light cant change in V of distance/time regardless of your V, the time must be the one to give and flex.
Light which is 186,000' miles/second.

Experiments have been performed to test this mathematical principal and 'succesful' results have been found.
It is a very confusing subject to get really deep into, and alot of gives and takes have to be created for it to become acceptable. This theory has many skeptics and many followers.

But if you still get confused...Think of this quick example.

If your on a train that was traveling 100,000miles/second, and you threw a ball that represented a light photon from the back of the train to the front it would have to (if it was light) travel away from you at C (186,000 miles/sec) and if I was on earth at 0 miles/second watching you drive by me at 100,000miles/second, the ball would have travel how fast light is. And so obviously you can work it out that, the only way for the light to have these two different speeds relative to you and me is for the time in ones observation point to change.

Here is some of my opinion on the subject. Even if the light that comes from certain objects will display as fast or slower in time relative to other observers when velocities come in to play does not directly imply that the actual matter of the object will experience some kind of different time zone.
In countless experiments I have read on the subject, several explanations use an example of a photon moving through a train example. A photon Can not be detected unless it comes towards and interacts with the matter that is testing it. So I get a little discouraged with the examples, since the only way to 'see' the photon moving in the train is to have it hit you.

Monday, June 21, 2010

The world is ful of formalities and difficulties ....
Live it simple